How Can get the Andy Warhol endangered species?

warhol artAndy Warhol was a Controversial figure, both at the general public in general and in the art scene. However, it was not one of Warhol-art haters the artist could satisfy his greatest enemy. In 1968, Valerie Solana’s, a woman well known to the artist, shot Andy Warhol and art critic and curator Mario Anaya in Warhol’s studio Anaya got away with only minor injuries. Warhol, on the other hand, was severely wounded and had to spend quite a long time in the hospital. By opening his chest and massaging his heart the doctors could save Warhol’s life. The remainder of his life the artist suffered both physically and emotionally from the assault, and the episode prompted his artistic work.

There is been a lot of speculation on why Valerie Solana’s choose to shot Andy Warhol. Solana’s life and standing in the art-scene revolving The Factory Warhol’s famous studio was investigated in the filmy Shot Andy Warhol – a fantastic resource for those interested in the topic. Upon police investigation Solana’s told that Warhol had too much control over my life. Solana’s was sentenced to 3 years under the control of the andy warhol endangered species department of corrections. But why did Solana’s decide to shot Andy Warhol Solana’s wrote a theater piece called Up Your Ass that was about a guy hating female prostitute. Warhol liked the name and consented to read the item. But he did not like the piece and therefore he did not bother to contact Solana’s again. In the meantime Solana’s wrote her most famous literary bit manifest Society for Cutting up Guys.

Nevertheless she got a few Minor roles in some of Warhol’s movies and for a while she continued to remain at The Factory. But on June 3, 1968, Solana’s shot Andy Warhol three times. Both first times she missed, but the third shot struck Warhol in the torso and his lungs were punctured. It is said that Solana’s compared Warhol into a vampire and for that reason spray painted the bullets with silver colored paint Warhol was a quite pale and anemic person. Shortly after the incident Solana’s confessed that the shootings. The reason she got three years for the crime was likely because Warhol did not need to be a witness in court. Following her three years in confinement she had been released in Andy Warhol died only 58 years old following a routine operation in which his gall blather was removed. Everything imply that Andy Warhol was too weak to survive the surgery due to the shooting nearly twenty years before. Valerie Solana’s went in and out of different hospitals. Only 1 year after Andy Warhol’s death Solana’s was found dead in a hotel room in San Francisco.