Surrogacy and egg donation informed consents – What they mean to your future?

Your provider and/or IVF clinic provides an informed consent. It is necessary for treatment to start. An informed consent is supposed to defend the clinic. It is meant to make certain you understand what the process involves, including risks. This document is meant to find out the disposition of your embryos. Ensure you ask to see and sign the informed consent at the time of hiring your doctor and or fertility practice. Review the form to be sure the protocol of the clinic matches your position. I suggest hiring an attorney before signing it to review the approval with you. Be certain to have a conversation with your spouse/partner such as embryo disposition in case of unforeseen conditions, relating to this consent form. As your judgment could be impaired, by all means do not signal at the time of this process or while under sedation.

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Be aware of what the processes entail, understand what risks are involved and understand exactly what the risks of each procedure are, to include pad pre-implanted genetic diagnosis, the amount of embryos transferred along with the medication for use. You must know what obligations and your rights are under these consents. This can be problematic as it generates a written agreement where others might not exist. Here’s an example – lesbian couple – one girl using her eggs and the woman. The fertility clinic has one sign Sweden Egg Donation permission and another girl sign a gestational surrogate/carrier consent form because they did not have one that was suitable for their own situation. This can create issues regarding parental rights, etc.

Think possible scenarios through before signing, if you are single. You are married or have a spouse, if, make certain you have a conversation. Ensure all you sign the agreement without concerns or duress. Do not forget partner’s signature. I cannot stress the significance of all you to read the form carefully. If you are currently thinking about destroying the embryos – how can the clinic/physician intend to deal with this and what exactly does this mean. Even though it may be tricky to talk about what are your plans in case of a divorce or separation. It is important to know the consequences of these decisions.


Read the consent form! Understand the approval arrangement or form and fully. Before you register, think! Have it is reviewed by a lawyer before you register and never register during the process make certain it is reviewed by you well.